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Educational Videos for All Clinicians

We have put together some videos that we think will be useful for any clinician looking after older adults. This includes a discussion of capacity assessments, understanding the legislation associated with capacity and mental illness, memory loss and cognitive impairment, depression, delirium, neuropsychological testing, neuroimaging, psychopharmacology and more.

Capacity and the right to choose

Understanding capacity and how it pertains to the Mental Health Act is imperative for every clinician. Here is a detailed look at the basics of assessing capacity, and what to do when it becomes more compicated...

Neuropsychologist Ms Claudia Woolf: Capacity and the Right to Choose.

Advanced Trainee Dr Jacqueline Huber: Capacity in Complex Contexts

Workshop in Psychogeriatrics

In 2011, the Psychogeriatric Team established a workshop for Psychogeriatric Trainees. These educational seminars were recorded, and are now accessable free as an educational resource.

Depression in Older Adults

Depression in Older Adults: A/Prof David Burke.

Old Age, Memory Loss and Cognitive Impairment

Old Age, Memory Loss & Cognitive Impairment: A/Prof David Burke.

Neurobiology in Late Life Depression

Neurobiology in Late Life Depression: Dr Louisa Norrie.

Neuroimaging in Psychogeriatrics

Neuroimaging in Psychogeriatrics: Dr Sarah O'Dwyer.

Psychopharmacology in Psychogeriatrics

Psychopharmacology in Psychogeriatrics: Dr Sarah O'Dwyer.

Behavioural & Psychological Symptoms of Dementia

Behavioural & Psychological Symptoms of Dementia: Dr Zeeshan Shahnawaz.

Non-pharmacological Treatment of Depression

Non Pharmacological Treatment of Depression: Linda Malusa.

Decision Making, Guardianship & Power of Attorney

Decision Making,Guardianship & Power of Attorney: Libby Love.

Neuropsychology & Dementia

Neuropsychology & Dementia: Leanne Kaplan.

Assessment of Capacity

Assessment of Capacity: Zoe Falster.

Personality & Personality Disorders in Old Age

Personality & Personality Disorders in Old Age: Dr Tad Tietze

Geriatric Syndromes

Geriatric Syndromes: Sandy Beveridge