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The Community Education Forum 2016

The Psychogeriatric team recently presented a Community Education Forum aimed at consumers, carers and community clinicians, to discuss Depression in older age groups. This series of multidisciplinary presentations describes the experience, diagnosis, and management of depression in older adults. This is an important resource for clinicians and consumers alike. Click on the 'Read More' link below to access these informative short videos.

Dr Louisa Norrie: An introduction to Depression in Older Adults

Zoe Falster: What is Depression? Part A

Dr Jacqueline Huber: What is Depression? Part B

Dr Duncan George: Pharmacological treatments for Depression

Melissa Swift: Psychological treatments for Depression

Libby Love: Social treatments for Depression

Kate Green: Caring for someone with Depression - Part A

Emma Carey: Caring for someone with Depression - Part B

Claudia Woolf: Depression and cognition - Part A

Allison Cummins: Depression and cognition - Part B