We provide the highest quality
mental health care to older people in need

Expected Benefits:

We are passionate about the Psychogeriatric SOS service because we believe it will yield benefits both to rural and remote areas, and to St Vincent's Hospital.  We believe it will:

  1. Contribute to St Vincent’s Hospital’s goal of providing outreach services to rural, remote, under-resourced and/or disadvantaged populations and therefore contributing to the promotion of the Mission of the Sisters of Charity.

  2. Improve patient outcomes by the provision of timely, expert and useful assistance to local  clinicians in rural, remote and/or under-resourced areas who need help in delivering quality psychogeriatric care to their patients and the patients’ families.

  3. Facilitate continuity of care for those patients and their families, keeping their principal health care professional fully engaged and empowered in their ongoing assessment and management, guided and supervised as required by the expert clinicians of Psychogeriatric SOS.

  4. Increase the scope of psychogeriatric outreach expertise provided to rural, remote and under-resourced areas to include psychogeriatric medical, nursing, psychology and social work.

  5. Improve the population’s access to psychogeriatric services in rural, remote and under-resourced areas.

  6. Up-skill and empower local health care professionals through their exposure to the expert guidance, advice, supervision, and education provided by Psychogeriatric SOS, thereby enhancing their knowledge and skills in dealing with a broad range of psychogeriatric issues.