We provide the highest quality
mental health care to older people in need

Clinical guidance:

  • A psychogeriatric community nurse case-managing a 72 year old farmer with depression might be concerned that he needs CBT to supplement his SSRI, and she might seek to web-conference with a clinical psychologist.
  • A GP managing a verbally and physically aggressive 69 year old woman with dementia in a hostel might seek to web-conference with the psychogeriatrician and the CNS about the pharmacological and behavioural strategies he and the Director of Nursing (DON) at the hostel might use.
  • An occupational therapist seeing a 63 year old man with lung cancer and brain metastases who wants to disinherit his children and leave his estate to the RSPCA might want to web-conference with a clinical psychologist and a social worker about assessment of capacity and guardianship.
  • A GP and the Nursing Unit Manager (NUM) in a small country hospital, managing an 84 year old woman knocked down by a car who is expressing a delusional belief that she is dying of AIDS, might want to web-conference with the psychogeriatric registrar about assessing and managing psychosis.
  • An indigenous community mental health worker case managing a 56 year old aboriginal man with post head injury cognitive impairment whose binge drinking is leading to self-harm, might want to web-conference with the psychogeriatrician, clinical psychologist and social worker to discuss the difficulties of assessment and management.

Professional supervision:

  • A psychologist wishing to run a weekly psycho-education group for 6 weeks with 5 patients with bipolar disorder, might want to web-conference with a senior clinical psychologist regularly during the 6-week program.
  • A junior psychologist involved in assessing a patient with Lewy Body dementia for a guardianship hearing might wish to web-conference with a senior psychologist through the process of the neuropsychology assessment and report writing.
  • A social worker trying to manage an elderly demented man living in squalor might wish to have regular supervision by wed-conferencing with the psychogeriatric social worker as he negotiates the issues of re-location, family engagement, guardianship and the mental health act.


  • A GP who has recently relocated to a small town might need to review four older patients in whom the medical, psychological, social and cultural issues are multiple, and require a multidisciplinary web-conference for psychogeriatric medical, nursing, social work and psychology input.
  • An ACAT team leader might like to have each of her four team members select two patients each with psychogeriatric issues to web-conference with the entire SVHPMHS team.
  • The DON of a nursing home in a small country town might wish to have a web-conference for a small group of her nursing and allied health staff to regular discuss some of the difficulties they encounter day-to-day in managing elderly, demented and/or depressed residents with the SVHPMHS team.