Welcome to Psychogeriatric SOS

St Vincent’s Hospital Psychogeriatric Mental Health Service is now providing a new clinician-to-clinician e-health outreach service for rural and remote clinicians in addition to specialised patient care services within inner-city Sydney, called Psychogeriatric Services-on-Screen (Psychogeriatric SOS).

We provide expert psychogeriatric information, guidance and advice to professional health care workers in rural and remote areas via discussion, education, supervision, case review and multidisciplinary case-conferencing, using web-conferencing.

Do you have an emergency? Please call 000

Are you a clinician in rural or remote NSW?

Please register here

Are you a clinician in Sydney looking after a patient within our mental health catchment area?

Please call 8382 1540 to make a referral.

Are you are a consumer, carer or family member of an older person with mental health problems or dementia related issues?

If you live in rural NSW you can ask a practitioner to register for Psychogeriatric SOS here.

We have some consumer resources that you may find useful.

Your GP can refer a patient to us directly if they live within our catchment area.